Sunday, March 28, 2010

The oldy, but a goody...

Some weekends, you feel older than others...

  • Home and in pajama pants by 6PM.


  • Katie's baby shower (Super lovely, except that we played a game were the first person to finish drinking the limeade out of the baby bottle gets a prize. I, of course, had to win. Pictures were taken and placed on Facebook. I'm not sure this is the kind of picture a swinging, single lady such as myself wants circulating around the internet...)

My friend Tiff was also forced to play...
I really shouldn't be alone on these pictures!

  • Dedra's son's 4 year old birthday party! Dedra and Jeff throw fabulous birthday parties, so I had to stop by for Trucktown!

  • Finally, a night out with the ladies! But then, you know things aren't quite what they used to be when one lady pulls a pacifier out of her purse, you dance with a boy who you are quite certain is younger than your brother who is only a sophomore in college, AND the first thing one group of cowboys asks you is, "Y'all wanna go backroading after this?" WHAT?! Is that safe?
Sunday: Up first thing and to the Home Depot (That's right!!! Patio Project Update!) to get supplies for a backyard home improvement project!

Luckily, my work friend, Josh, brought his truck to help me get the materials to my house. At the Home Depot, I decided on the stone (Option #2), and we talked with several patio experts about the project...just to make sure the internet research was correct!

Here are the stones all put together, so you can see what they might look like on the patio.

Here are the pavers...
When you realize you need 100 of these 21lb stones, you start to wonder to yourself, "What in the world have I gotten myself into?"
That's what I was thinking...I can only imagine what was going through Josh's mind as he was wondering how he got himself into this situation!

30+ bags of sand

Yep, they used the fork lift to take the stones to the truck, and then they guys all hand loaded them. Notice, the guys loaded it...but none of the Home Depot guys would volunteer to come to my house to help unload! Trust me, I tried!
I helped unload, don't worry!!!

We had to make 2 trips back and forth from the Home Depot!

Finally, all the materials are ready to go!

I'm starting to get that anxious feeling! Like, oh my gosh! What have I gotten myself into? What if this is way too big of a project for me? What if my friends who promised to help decide to stay home, and I have to make a 10'X10' patio alone? What if the internet is wrong and this isn't an "easy to moderate" project!?!?!

Now, I know all of this anxiety is not necessary, but in case you don't know this about me...I sometimes overextend myself! And I sometimes get these big ideas that maybe are beyond my reach! But, this is how I keep myself young! You know I like to spice it up! Add a little adventure!

And do you know what the best part of this adventure is going to be!?!?! Spending time with all the people who are going to help me! And every time I'm on the patio (which will be a lot!), I'll think of my wonderful friends and family, and how even when I have a crazy idea, they are there to support me and help me!

Too cheesy?!?! I can't help it...I'm getting old! ;)

PS...I'm still so excited about the 2010 Patio Project I can hardly stand it!!! See you Saturday!

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  1. Your friends are GOING to show up. Or at least this one is :)